Friday, June 24, 2011

My toes are cold.

Hello, hello.

The sun is shining today in Wellington, and it really feels like a crisp autumn day. Apparently it is Winter time, but we are yet to have seen much of that yet! Unfortunately my toes are cold regardless of the sun outside due to living in an Aro Valley house. Silly us, for moving here. I am guessing it is also the reason why I have been coughing for five weeks now.

We have played three shows in the last few weeks. A lovely one in Taupo at the Acacia Bay Bar and Brasserie, it was a rowdy but really nice crowd! We also played at the newly renovated Wine Cellar with the lovely Luckless and also Jocee Tuck (who plays an interesting array of instruments, and has an angelic voice too). It was so nice to be there, but I lost my voice a hour before we played so it was a little bit of a 'husky' sounding set. We will endeavor to play in Auckland again in a sunnier session.

On Wednesday we opened for Tiny Ruins who is a wonderful story teller with a divine voice too...she is releasing a very nice album called 'Some were meant for Sea' which you might find more about at

Here are a couple of photos from the show taken by more photos can be found here

Tiny Ruins

We have finished mixing songs for our E.P which we are really happy about! Soon we will get it mastered, and will release it sometime later this year..

Anyway! That is all for now, I am going out to enjoy the sun while it lasts..


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