Saturday, April 30, 2011

sometimes we remember

Sometimes we forget about the way things used to be.

A while ago now, I played in a band called 'Ragamuffin Children' and we had lots of fun playing shows in all sorts of lovely and beautiful places. We played in attics, and living rooms, outside in beautiful spaces, and in a variety of dimly lit venues. I wrote some songs which looking back on, I am amazed I wrote.

Over the past couple of years since then, i've been in limbo-land, studying at university, and trying to enjoy living in Christchurch (whilst wishing I was traveling the world). In that time, I met some lovely people and enjoyed quietly growing a garden, and learning new things at university.

Since moving to Wellington, we have played our first 'French for Rabbits' shows,and they have been so nice! It made me realise what I have been missing for the last two years.

 I always though that I couldn't possibly sing, but people so far have been so kind, and said such lovely things. We haven't quite perfected playing live, but I hope there will be many more shows to come in which we can practice.

We have played two shows with the lovely Hula Hope ( In both shows we were amazed at all the people who came! The venues were nice, dimly lit and cosy and the other people who played were great (Seafarer, Johanna Mystery Trio and Hannah Howes). Here is a photo by Micheal Edge-Perkins from the show at Happy.

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