Sunday, March 20, 2011

Song Shivers

The tide at the beach has been reaching with tentacle hands for the houses that perch close by the sand.
The full moon rises, the closest to the earth it has been in the past eighteen years. Another earthquake was tentatively predicted for today by a moon man, who used to be a magician and an author of a book about palmistry...for cats.

It never happened thank goodness, but ones imagination can run a little wild when wild prophecies are made in times of stress.

Yesterday I wrote a song, it is about an old, old man. Perhaps he is 87. He lives in a house in which he cannot sleep because it is haunted by ghosts. At least that is what he thinks. Personally I think that he is just imagining things..

I will playing a show on April the 21st at Happy, more information coming soon, and posters!



  1. Well, Okay so they had a 5.1 earthquake in Christchurch just a few minutes ago. Maybe the moon man is right.

  2. Love every word of this post.
    And your music is just out of this world wonderful~♥